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Stargate SG-1

I thought I had this set up already, oh well, more the excuse to reread a few of these...

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Pretty Little Liars

You know, there are just so many addictive and guilty TV out there, which means, more fics to read!

[Pretty Little Liars]
If I Knew Then by CrazyLove345
Two people. Two hearts. One love story. All of it starts with an empty bus seat. Based off the song "If I Knew Then" by Lady Antebellum.

Stepmother at 17 by sleepintheharding
With the discovery of Ezra's son, Aria finds playing the role of "stepmother" too much to handle—especially now that she's trying to deal with her own loss. Will the child destroy their relationship, or will the battle deepen their love for one another?

Ezria B26

Aria/Ezra Song List, Season 1
Aria/Ezra Song List, Season 2.1

Apr. 15th, 2010

happiness is being at home and free to sing at the top of your voice without worried about disturbing your neighbours. :D


Fics read... and it's a lot!!!!

Wow! Being back at uni has really increased my appetite for fanfic, though I think the impending New Moon release are making me read more Twilight stuff, there's just too much Taylor Lautner around and that's just bugging me so much! But I'm still excited enough that I'm gonna try and get someone to come with me if there's gonna be a midnight release! lol.

Anywho, here's the very long list:


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Read recently...

Time to track what I've read recently again. Wow though, it's been like a month I think and it's a relatively small list compared to the other lists...

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Blogging tv

Watching sgu right now, and I have to say... not impressed. There is not a single character I could identify with, no characters I even like, and the plot is a bysmal, much too depressing, and there is no comic relief at all. I mean, seriously, I'm not even sure there was a single attempt in comedy even in the mild sense. It's just one asshole, then another asshole is introduced, then another idiot is being mean. Second episode is getting viewed right now and I can safely say that this is not a series I will watch again.

Now on the other hand, csi is on the rise and it seems to be getting much better again and rising on my priority list again, (as is greys anatomy). I'm not particularly liking the deliberate cliffys they're adding to the end, but the stories are getting much much better and the characters are much more likable again, albeit Lawrence fisher's character is getting a little too much screen time for my liking...

Greys as I said before is getting brill but izzie's still bugging me.

What else... What else... Oh oh oh... Glee! Love love love! Though as a theatre geek myself, I'd apprechiate a few more actual theatre numbers rather than stuffing the show with top 40s and pop songs. I do love lea michele though, and eneryone on the cast (except the wife) is growing on my tremendously. More specifically, kurt. God. I love him. So much. So so much.

And criminal minds does not dissappoint again, it always reaches the standards and that little bit more.

Bones I was getting ready to break up with, it always seems to be very much cliched and predictable in too many ways, although the previous episode dis make me very happy due to the constant arguments of the different disciplines. That was so much fun, and something that I argue with myself quite often.

And... A little squee about NM. I just have to... I love being a 21yr uni student which justifies me buying this though:

And being the modern hippie that I am:

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