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Carousel (2010) re-make!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! How cool is that! One of my fav musical remade after so long.... so far it's got Hugh Jackman as Billy Bigelow, which is awesome because he is amazing!!!!!!! I hope it meets my very very high espectation...

Mind you, I do wonder... if they're just remaking it from the original bit by bit or if they're changing parts. Then this got me thinking a rather pointless thought, that if they were to remake it and actually try to update it, how crazy would that be! I mean, carousels are hardly where near as the great entertainment it was back then (though I personally love it and go on it whenever it's in town or whenever I'm near one despite the fact I'm nearly 20), I wonder what might take over as the title Carousel, though it wouldn't make sense at all if the main thing wasn't a carousel but still named Carousel... now I know I'm putting too much thought into this...