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HSM Fanfic Links


Since HSM3's been out, the fangirl of HSM in me has arisen yet again, and there is no time like now to gather all my fav fics once more...



24 by Jackie
It may have happened this way. Then again, it probably didn't happen this way.

A Day as The Bolton Family by lovelylauren10
TxG Gabriella and Troy have to do a school project as if they were husband and wife. But, unlike the rest of the class, they don't take the project seriously!

A Hollywood Affair by OoxX-Troyella-XxoO
Is it really that impossible to start and keep a romance in Hollywood? Well the on of the hottest atheletes and singer are about to find out. Is the spotlight too much to handle? Troyella fluff!

A Lifetime of Love by Jackie
A future. Very teary...

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words by LaurFoSho
Gabriella and Troy used to be best friends. One day at the mall they spend the day at a photobooth. Months later things have changed and Troy doesn't have enough time to make Gabriella, who wants nothing to do with him now, his.

A Pinkie Promise by hugsxkisses
‘Let’s promise each other if we don’t get married when we’re 25, we’ll marry each other’ she said. He smiled, and linked his pinkie with hers. ‘Deal’ 14 years later, 24 years old Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are single… and looking for love.

A Show To Remember by SparkleParker
Troy and Julie are getting married. Julie convinces Troy to go to a bridal show where 20 famous models will be modeling. What happens when Gabriella is one of those famous models? What happens when they see each other for the first time in a long time?

All Grown Up by loveyoumeanitbye
Gabriella’s a Wedding Planner. Troy’s a Doctor. They both haven’t seen each other since college. A lot has changed since East High, but in the end will true love overcome all obstacles? [Troyella]

All of the Above by zacharyteflonforpresident
Troy finds himself suddenly interested in the school’s smartest student when he sees her outside the classroom. TROYELLA

All You Need Is Love by OoxX-Troyella-XxoO
Its funny how the life you thought was so amazing turns out to be nothing like it seems. Now you're basically stuck with that life and to make it worst the person that you love is gone...but what hapens when he walks back into your life? Troyella!

Brief Encounter
Can anything good come from a mix-up? Lakers Superstar Troy Bolton and singer extraordinaire Gabriella Montez in a brief encounter. Can it lead to more? T&G

Cat and Mouse
East High's bad boy and East High's sweetheart started something on New Year's Eve that led to a game of cat and mouse that neither was prepared for. TxG.

Chemicals React
Troy Bolton never knew Gabriella Montez existed and Gabriella never wanted to meet Troy. So when they are thrown together to complete an assignment, neither knows how to deal with it. Their friends watch in interest as the chemicals between the two react.

Concocting Chemistry
Tired of being labeled as the shy innocent Gabriella Montez, the sexually frustrated soprano concocts a plan to seduce Troy Bolton.

Convincing You To Fall
They'd known each other since she was five and he was seven, best friends that grew up side by side and ignored the feelings that surfaced as they became teenagers. Now, they have to convince each other to fall. TxG [Old penname hockeyrulzmylife.

Cough SLUT Cough!
Gabriella is used to being the new girl. At every school she was branded the school slut. But why is she like that? Can the schools play boy crack her and find out her inner colours?

Crash Into You
17 year old Gabriella is living a double life that is threatening to collide, but what happens when she meets and befriends 21 year old Troy Bolton. Will a romance bud or will a friendship be torn apart? AU

Dangerous Fascination by SouthernStars
He was smart, gorgeous and dangerous. She was shy, beautiful and innocent. He was fascinated and so was she, their fascination as dangerous as losing their hearts to each other. TxG. Previously known as hockeyrulzmylife

It's been nine years since they last spoke. She has changed and so has he, but their relationship was still deep.

Emotions Unaccounted For
Troy's a cold Romeo, and Gabriella's our insecure Juliet. Add more characters to complicate things and lots of chemistry. Don't forget the secret relationship, and you have something much better than Romeo and Juliet. Suicide not involved. AU Troyella.

Even Now
Faith Montez is a college freshman raised by her grandparents, she has a bright future ahead of her. But before she can move forward in life, she discovers a love story whose tragic end came with her birth. Troyella!

Forget Yesterday
The kids at East High are all seniors now, and looking forward to spending every day as if it were their last together. COMPLETE. TxG CxS

From The Mind of Larry
Larry has been the bodyguard of the High School Musical cast for quite some time now. Its time he got a word in. A oneshot.

Gabriella or Vanessa? by kikigirl101
Gabriella Montez is Pop Sensation Vanessa hudgens!what happens when her bf Troy gets a ticket to her concert and starts to fall in love with Vanessa even though he loves Gabi? What happens if he finds out her secret?what if he's hiding secrets of his own?

Giving Me Butterflies
Reunited, at last. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens set out to make this one of the most memorable years of their lives. HSM3 ZxV

Here And Now
Sequal to Searching For What Was Missing. The Bolton family is finally complete,but they are finding out how hard it is to be a real family.Can Troy and Gabriella handle raising their teenage daughter,and deal with big changes in their lives?

I Feel Sparks by hollybaggins
You think you know. You think you've seen it all. You think that by looking at one picture, or by reading one interview that you know all you need to know. But you'll never know the real me; the real us.

That afternoon, what if Troy and Gabriella were never interrupted in the gym? What if Jack Bolton had never scared Gabriella off? Note: Past that and now looking at the aftermath of the situation

Kyle Bolton
Kyle Bolton is Troy’s younger brother. What happens when his new science teacher happens to be his brother’s exgirlfriend? What will happen when Kyle starts to get involved in trying to reunite the pair? Troyella.

Lighning Only Strikes Once
Love strikes like lightning. It's unpredictable and unbelievably beautiful when it hits. When the two people who mean the most to her unexpectedly fall in love with Gabriella Montez, she finds herself torn between love and friendship. Troyella

Like Lightning
Post HSM 3 Troy & Gabriella Vignette series as they deal with adjusting to College life and the challenges of going to different schools while trying to maintain and develop their relationship. Rating for later chapters. Semi-follows "Confessions"

Her best friend Troy didn’t understand the true art of separating the colors in a bag of M&M’s. That is...until she taught him how to do so. TROYELLA ONESHOT

Never Let Go
It's hard being best friends with the most popluar guy in school, East High's basketball captain Troy Bolton. But for Gabriella Montez, it's even harder when she can't help falling in love with him. Will they see how much they really mean to each other?

Off Limits
When 18 yr old Gabriella meets 25 yr old Troy, she immediately develops a school girl crush on him. Troy knows very well that Gabriella is gorgeous. However, they would never even think of going for each other. Why? Troy is Robert Montez's protege.

Once and Again
At their 10 year reunion, Gabriella's life changes when she meets Troy again.

Public Displays of Affection
Oneshot, Troyella fluff.

Rocker Dude
Troy is a carefree rocker, Gabby is a predictably safe college student. Somehow these two opposite people meet in NYC and fall in love. Kinda AU

Searching For What Was Missing
Troy and Gabby married early.Then divorved early,before Gabby could tell him about their daughter.What happens when 14 year old Raine decides to meet her father,with out her mother's permission?Will she help her parents realize how they belong together?

OneShots about our favorite couple Troyella

The Opposites Attract
Troy is the bad boy of East High. Gabriella is the good girl. They are exact opposites. But when they become study partners, the dislike changes to something else. Will they get over their pride and get together?

The Real Deal
After dodging questions about their relationship for years now, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron finally speak out about love, life and their growing family...of dogs that is.

The Reporter
Four years after graduation, the gang meet up again for the first time in four years. All huge celebrities. They don't even see one, lone, paparazzi. Troyella Oneshot.

Through the Parent's Eyes
the events in the movie from Jack Bolton and Mrs. Montez P.O.V from the point in the movie where Troy and Gabriella sing Breaking Free

We Love Pretending
Troy and Gabi are talented actors. Troy in the USA, Gabi in the UK. They gets parts in the same film, and to make their relationship look real on screen, they have to pretend they love each other. But at the end of the experiment, will it be pretend? TxG

Who Knew?
Troy dumped Gabriella on the last day of college. Its many years later and Gabriella and Taylor have become doctors. Who knows whats round the corner? Please Read! Inspired by the song Who knew by Pink. -COMPLETE-

Why'd You Leave?
Vanessa left after HSM 2 and became a teacher. her school wins a contest and suddenly her old life is thrust into her new one. Will Zac fall for Elizabeth, not knowing that she's Vanessas?

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