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So I'm reading Without a Moment's Notice by RainandFlames, and she had a little author's note saying how her fics are also posted on some boards as well, and I just started thinking. It's really strange, most people drifts through different message boards all the time, maybe just a shadow in one, and a long term active member in another, but I just realised now that I've only really went on message boards in the Alias fandom, and really only ever at the allalias.com one... oh, those were the days, I was so obsessed with the fics there and I spent so so soooo much time there...

Anywho, Without a Moment's Notice? Absolutely amazing. Fantastically depressing, flamingly hot, and brilliant drama... I don't know how 's through my last few years of this obsession with Grey's Anatomy and consequently the following fanfics, how I missed this story and this author! I feel like I missed something huge! lol.

And furthermore, I'm so invested in this fic that I'm reading this nonstop until the end, and this is putting my essay due in 4 days on hold while this fic is still in my mind... right chapter 103 now... soldier on...


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Jan. 5th, 2010 07:39 pm (UTC)
Yes, I google myself occasionally. I may be almost a year late replying to this, but serious thanks for your mention!
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