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Fanfics read recently...

Harry Potter fics
Ginny's Hogwarts by ginny_lola
After Harry Potter leaves Hogwarts - and Ginny - she was left, alone, at Hogwarts, with just Neville and Luna to bring back Dumbledore's Army and to try and do their best to uphold Snape's regime. But then again...being the Chosen One's ex-girlfriend has to cause a little trouble. DH from Ginny's POV. 

Guardian by Logicalmagic
After the Triwizard Tournament debacle, Sirius decides it's high time he started playing a more active role in his godson's life. A Sirius-takes-charge fic. AU Fifth book onwards.

House of Potter by wilyoldjane
In the summer before Harry´s fourth year Sirius makes his godson aware of his social status in the wizarding world.

Soul Nexus by JadeSeraph
The events following Harry Potter's second year didn't quite turn out as well as they should have. Ginny Weasley, in fact, was not all right, and she pushed away everyone and everything that was important to her in her guilt and depression. But then, someone she never expected walks into her head (quite literally) and changes her life forever. A HarryGinny Epic.

The Hogs Head by MyGinevra
The climax to the final battle approaches, and Ginny fears the worst. But her seventh year at Hogwarts finds Harry living in Hogsmeade as they begin their lives together.

Twilight fics
First Light by blondie AKA robin
Bella and Edward face what may be their greatest challenge: Marriage. One threat still stands between the couple and their fairy tale ending. Bella is the key to protecting the Cullens; but can she find enough control in time to save them?

Oral Lessons by Jennmc75
Outtake from Knowing That You Love Me. Emmett eaves drops on a very important lesson Alice and Rose teach Bella.

Slipping Through My Fingers by ThexInvisiblexGirl
Bella and Edward's relationship through Renée's eyes.

p.s. I've just dl-ed Jake 2.0, rewatching it again, and totally geeking out over it!