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House fanfic linkage


There's just way too much for me to put in the fanfiction.net account.

http://www.fanfiction.net/u/793778/EnchantedApril everything is the best of what's around
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/542691/mishy-mo A Different Reason
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1167301/Fenris242 A Simple Dinner
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1157361/Houseketeer Lots of smut
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/375678/Teenwitch Accused, and some CSI fics
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/967183/ some one shots


A Broken Poem
HouseCam. Last chapter. This is the truth. This is him proving himself wrong when he'd told her long ago that they would never weather the storm. And for once, he could care less.

A Devil & A Flower
House and Cameron get drunk and Cameron decides she wants something. ONESHOT

A Different Reason
The skinny brunette, he said without thinking. Then there was a flash of cold steel and the crack of gunfire. Allison Cameron had been shot. Alternate 'No Reason' HouseCameron. Some strong language and sexual themes.

A Hell of A Reunion by seriouslyjess
A sick patient with one chance, a family trying to piece themselves back together, secrets, lies and relationships. Who wouldn't want to be there? HouseCam, MerDer

A House is Not a Home
House/CSI crossover. You don't have to tell us that people lie, Dr. House. We hear more lies in one day than you will in a month.

A Little Help From My Friends
When trouble finds Allison Cameron she goes to the only people who can help back at the hospital she abandoned.

A Touch of Destiny
How does one event change the course of two lives? A HouseCameron story. Will be OOC at times, but as close in in character as possible.

Behind the Scenes
The story of the weekend that happened when Wilson wasn't looking.... Follows Better Check the Date on that Diagnosis

Better Than
Motorbikes are better than rollercoasters and Vicodin. HouseCameron semiserious smuff. TWOSHOT

Boredom Battle
House felt a sharp pinch on his butt. “Ow! What“ He exclaimed, and turned to find Cameron standing there, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at him' The Ducklings are bored one day and, with the help of a certain list, find a way to entertain themselves

I was weak around him. I tried to push those eyes away from my thoughts, push him far away from my heart.

House catches the Chickenpox off a guilty Cameron. The itchy pair are forced to give eachother some tlc! Complete!This is just something i wrote for the fun of it! so some oocness

Coming Home
Just because you didn't have the sense to see it before they left doesn't mean you can't drag them back.

Contagious by dream7me7to7sleep
Takes place shortly after All In. Allison gets sick, House takes care of her to get out of clinic duty, craziness accumulates! and sequel Parasitic

What happens when Cameron and House get together and nobody else knows?

Divided by Zero by Follow-ur-Shadow
When Cameron has a problem with one of the male doctors House realizes his feelings for her may run deeper than initially thought. House/Cameron

Falling For A Prank by quaint-litlte-categories
House always thought he was the master of pranks. Then he falls for the mother of all pranks. Not only does he fall for it, he falls in love with it but what happens when it falls apart? CameronHouse. and sequel Worth Falling For

Hope and Circumstance by Spike Williams
Allison Cameron is back after 2 years, and she's brought something House never knew existed with her. He's her only hope, and she's his last chance. WIP

I Do I Don't
Could a drunken mistake be the best thing that ever happened to them? A lot can happen before an annulment is finalized... After all, as House said himself, the most successful marriages are based on lies.... HouseCameron

If You Can't Be With The One You Love by Fenris242
...love the one you're with. Cameron is getting married, and she needs to ask House a favor.

Instant Gratification by Megan Faye
When Stacy leaves House with their newborn daughter, he calls upon a duckling for help.

Very long HouseWilson friendship piece that takes place during and after the episode Detox. Gen but also a medical fic, buddy fic, hurt comfort fic, and hopefully a realistic fic. Finally FINISHED!

Just an Affair by ohtheconspiracy
Cameron has no idea how she got into this situation. One minute, they're at each other's throats. The next she's wrapped up in an affair with House. They say it's no strings attached, but what happens when she wants more? In progress

Keys by delen2000
Cameron gets a gift from House. This started as a oneshot but its progressed into a full blown monster. AU

Live and Let Die by labelbasher
[HouseCameron] Begins after S3 finale. They all knew that House's lifestyle would catch up with him someday, but none of them were expecting this. Now that he's off the Vicodin and beginning to detox, will he let anyone in to help or try do it on his own?

Lullaby by 0melting.snow0
Cameron is pregnant. The problem? She isn't telling anyone who the father of her child is. Rumors. Speculations. Reproaches. It's hard to not forget the most important part in this mess. Takes place after S4.

Miles in the Sky by momentary-ecstasy
She was hands down beautiful, but there was something about her eyes. Cameron/Thirteen, minor and brief Cameron/Chase.

Mommy Issues
When Cameron's sister gets sick, House discovers the real reason Cameron likes damaged people. But now that he's fixed her sister, will Cameron and House be able to fix each other?

Mutation by GabbyAbby
The world is upside down, twisting and turning and everything is just wrong. She was suppose to outlive you. Hameron. Daddy House

Nice by ladyschicksal
What happens when Cameron visits the Mirror Syndrome patient's room? What happens when she and House are in the room together? Post Mirror, Mirror. HCam Angst.

Not Quite Strangers on a Train by mishy-mo
5 years into the future a chance meeting occurs between House and Cameron what will the outcome be? And how did they become estranged in the first place? And what has happened since in those five years? House/Cameron

Office Romances by queenb81385
Basically I'm taking the day Cameron quits and tweaking everything after it... HouseCameron

Play the Game
When House's apartment is infested with roaches, he needs a place to stay. But Wilson's not taking him in, and two of the three ducklings have excuses. Where can he go? HC, rated M for later chapters. Completed!

Possibilities by EnchantedApril
A sequel to the story STAY. This follows House and Cameron as their marriage continues and House begins to want something more while Cameron prefers things as they are.

Cameron is furious with House about the events in 'Son of Coma Guy' and goes to his place to confront him. In thier anger something basic sweeps over them. Will lust turn to love? HouseCameron. Strong language and sexual themes. THE END!

Saints and Saviors
Cameron has quit, but she returns to the hospital under unfortunate circumstances and House is forced to confront his feelings for her along with dealing with Vogler, Cuddy and the rest of his staff at PPTH. EPILOGUE IS UP...COMPLETE.

A collection of drabbles and ficlets from one possible HouseCameron universe… NOT in chronolgical order... 

Is there really someone even more lonely than House?

Stockholm Syndrome
Honesty is addictive, and Cameron keeps going back for her fix.

We have to succumb to the feelings we can never face. HouseCameron.

Taking Over by AllieCam
After House is shot, Cameron gets an unexpected surprise.

Tangled Fates by ladyschicksal
AU, eventually HouseCam. What happens if Cameron's husband survives cancer, and House marries Stacy?

The Beginning of Forever by AineMorrigan
She gives you the most terrified look you've ever seen, as you grab her trembling hand. Outside the plane window, the ocean is rapidly approaching, and you wonder if this is it? House/Cam, COMPLETE

The Best of What's Around by coffeeberry
Starting from "All In," House is going to try not to screw this one up. Hameron

The Downward Spiral by JellyBean30
His leg pain gone, will House be able to overcome his drug addiction? HouseCameron. Rated M just to be safe. COMPLETE

Tomorrow Will By Dying by JohnGrey
House contemplates what life will be post-Human Error. A drabble written following the season three finale. Ignores the events of fourth season. Rated for implied suicide and adult themes.

Two Lines by Kris Wright
House and Cameron have been dating for nine months and only one person knows about them, Wilson. They're moving in together and they discover something that they realize they soon won't be able to hide. 

Valentine's Love
Cameron gets secret messages from a mysterious admirer who promises her a change of life. And Seqquel Following the Heart

Warm and Fuzzy by DragonChaos
House saves yet another life, but this one's much smaller than the rest...And covered in fur!

What the Mind Wants What the Heart Needs by mishy-mo
House calls out something unexpected whist making love to Stacy. But maybe switching of his brain for that moment truely switched on his heart. TAG Need to Know HouseStacyness in the first chapter but will be HouseCam

Where You'll Find Me by blueheronz
This House & Cameron romance is set at the conclusion of the S3 episode, Informed Consent. Although it begins with dark humor & angst, it soon turns to lighthearted & fun romance. Thoroughly House & Cameron.

You Can Never Be Too Careful
House/Cameron, House dresses a cut. Set a little post 4.14, before House's Head.

Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations
Vicodin for the Soul