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Charmed fanfics rec!


Be Careful What You Ask For! by Evil Amplified
They want the truth and will stop at nearly nothing to get it. But will the truth destroy them all? Sixth Season revelation fic.

Behind Locked Doors by Charmedgrl4ever
Behind locked doors is where all secrets lie, hidden from everyone, not just the outside world. Secrets Chris may be keeping even from himself. And what happens when that door finally gets unlocked?

False Memories by CharmedBec
Nobody knows who Chris is but they’re about to find out, courtesy of an unexpected visitor from the future.

Imaginary Fiends and Real Friends by StoryGirl83
Near the end of Season Seven of Charmed Piper wrote a spell that end up bringing an adult Wyatt into the past. What you didn't know is that Chris followed Wyatt back.

Neurotic by sodoto
My name's not Chris Perry, Chris said, as if it was the hardest thing he'd ever had to say. It's Christopher. He paused, almost reluctantly. Christopher Halliwell.

Of All the People by Teal-lover
Wyatt reflects on the events after Chris Crossed and decides to do something about it.

Peanut by SnIck310
My version of how Chris got his nickname Peanut from Piper. Set after The Courtship of Wyatt's Father. It's a teeny bit AU.

Second Existence by Evil Amplified
It is time for our favorite neurotic Witchlighter to go back to his changed future, but will another visitor from the future change all of their plans and prove that change isn’t always a good thing? Post season 6 with Chris still alive.

Secrets Revealed by Amantine
Chris has a tough time dealing with his family’s distrust, with his memories and with the constant threat against his brother. But what happens when a strange man from the future comes along? And what are his real intentions? Set after 'Prince Charmed'.

The Brothers Halliwell by Alwyn Elderberry
Come along with Chris as he drives the family back in time to fix the most recent mix of magical messes.

The Secret Ingredient by sodoto
Chris comes to Piper on another of his demon quests, and decides to help her speed up the process, unwittingly letting slip his biggest secret...

To Trust or not to Trust by Pukah
The sisters have got it with Chris and his 'future consequences', they want to know what he is up to. Unfortunatly spells usually backfire in the Charmed universe.

Alternate Charmed: All the Possibilities