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What am I thinking right now?

GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!! Finally! An episode that I am so happy and giddy about. There was more of a Mer slant, with more interactions of Mer/Der, and Mer/Chris, and Mer/Lex, and Mer/Thatcher... so, all is great! I really do love Meredith, and for the past few seasons, it's been focused on so many other characters as main plotpoints that's not Mer which makes for a sad fangirl. And I have to say, Alex is growing on me. He was man-whore funny in the first couple of seasons, then in my memory, a assholey assy-ness. The this season, finally! A devoted man, a cute adorable-ness that have the potential to rival McDreamy, and funny-ness. All is well in the Grey's fangirl mind. WooHoo!!!

I don't think I've been this happy after an eppy of Greys since sometime in season 2 or 3!

And... I'm listening to Chess in concert right now and I'm really loving it. It's a musical which every single character is clearly seen as a flawed human being. Every single one. It's nice, all other musicals or stories always have one rightoeus character, always have the right moral compass, never really do anthing wrong, always seen as the good guy... (hmm, kinda sounds like me :)) and that's nice. I like how even the one character than could be classified as that is still not that really, Svetlana, sharing the song of 'I Know Him So Well'. They're all in this strange and unfortunate situation which every single one of them is kind of self-destructing in their own way, not just as they are seen as by some of the characters in 'The American and Florence'.
I really wish I could have been there to see it live at Royal Albert Hall. :(