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fanfics I've been reading...

Bravery by Subtlynice
High school students can be monstrous creatures at the best of times. Throw them a new source of gossip, and they'll tear it down like dogs. Luckily for Edward and Bella, Angela Weber might not be so meek after all... *APOV E/B New Moon missing moment*

Forget Her by fatallyobsessed
If I took every time I thought I would never see anything worse and combined them, they still wouldn't hold a candle to the pain I saw on my daughter's face... Here's some Charlie-love! 

The Mistress and Her Master by NanMcCullen
You have been warned. DefinitelySpoilt D/s Birthday Contest submission. Master Edward pays a visit to an old sub. How is Bella handling life as a Dom? Is she cut out for it? Or will fate step in to reunite these two? All Human 

Moving On by Rosette-Cullen
Set in newmoon, Edward leaves Bella. Before he went, though, he left Bella with something that neither of them would expect. Rated for some language and innuendos may become M in the future.

Shadows by cinnamon_kisses 

Fast Food and Play Lands by Rosette-Cullen
When Bella starts to reminisce about her childhood, Edward is hell bent on creating new memories. Fluffy and lemony, you'll never look at this famous structure the same way again.

To Come Into Being by cinnamon_kisses 
AU/AH. The evolution of a relationship, from the first day of kindergarten to coming of age.

Small Town Gossip by LASMKE
While going through her parents' attic, Bella uncovers a secret. Looking for answers leads her to Forks, WA; and ultimately changes everything she thought she knew about herself. AU/AH BxE

Why I Love You
Edward Cullen can't sleep. And he can't wake his wife to keep him company, either. All he can do is lay back and remember how and why he fell in love with her. Rated M for language. from ThatThingCalledLoveContest 

After the Fall by Lady Gwynedd
After Edward leaves Bella, her world falls apart. She thinks she will die but she doesn't. In fact, she finally becomes the person she was always meant to be. Now, can she help Edward do the same?

Whole by Subtlynice
After centuries of waiting, the Cullen family is finally complete. Rosalie observes as the last piece of their puzzle finally slots into place. Breaking Dawn missing moment. Oneshot, canon pairings. Cullen family fluff!

Broken by chichuri 
As soon as Peter sees Olivia, he knows something is wrong. Follow-up to "Jacksonville".

Not Dating by december21st 
Peter and Olivia aren’t dating.

Here with Me by oparu 
Season Two, episode 15 "Jacksonville"

Glimmering by heatherbird 
The end of "Jacksonville" from Olivia's POV

Of Freedom by greyslostwho 
"There's no getting rid of it, not anymore."

Tassles by piratesmiley
Two weeks after the events of Jacksonville and Olivia's having trouble sleeping. P/O.

Karaoke Night 1 and 2 by jenniferjf 
S/J Established. Jack is 'invited' to the Presidential Christmas Ball, only his Plus One is late arriving back on earth, which means he'll be going alone... Angst with a good dose of fluff and a hint of gutter for good measure.

The Not So Private Life of General O'neill by jenniferjf 
S/J established. Fluffy ficlette inspired by astraper_aspera mentioning (in a completely unrelated context) Jack in a Hawaiian shirt.