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Apparently being 18 doesn't change the fact that I'm single and somehow spend it with my family, while it's nice and all to spend time with them, they're just plain annoying, I spend way too much time with them...

So I spent my oh so fun Valentines day with my parents and my brother in London. Yay and nay at the same time I guess. And I know that Valentines day is a Western social construction which is really pretty pointless and completely exploited for the modern capitalistic society, but mostly I was annoyed because I planned to go to London and see Les Miz and spend the day on my own, and not having to think about my very annoying and really quite embarassing family. But noooooooo, they decided that they would have to tag along and make my nice quite day into a family day!

Oh well. I bumped into my friends Kirsty and Jake in the MK Station and they were going to Kirsty's Drama School Audition. So yay! At least I saw them and I don't see them that often any more because, well, Kirsty in a completely different school and I'm really slightly reclusive. Well, GOOD LUCK!

Anywho, well, got to London, had Japanese for lunch which was yummy despite wanting to dig a hole and jump in it. And went to see Les Miz. Now, that is where the really annoying part was. I booked tickets in advance. Upper circle, not the best view and not the expensive tickets, but that's fine. But then my dad decided that they wanted to see it as well, even my brother, and somehow got some cheap tickets with really restricted views. But the problem was it was 2 seats away from me!!!!! So throughout the show, all I could really think about was that my parents are really annoying and they were right next to me (and my dad had a big puffy coat on) and so he kept moving and really rustling! Oh the anger really built up I can tell you that even if I didn't do anything.

But the musical itself was so AMAZING! The cast could sing so well and there was this part where Valjean had just been released on parole and was putting his flimsy coat on and he couldn't find the sleeve and that was just so funny!

It was good. What was also so damn amazing was that the stage spins. And it is so cool because it allows the stroy and the scene to move on so smoothly and quickly and movement of the characters wa so cleverly put together! So cool!

Right, you know what, I'm gonna stop rambling now and I shall attempt to finish my English c/w and redraft my Psychology c/w! Because I'm working the next 3 days so I'll have no time!

Love with hugs and kisses,


p.s. Oh, and you know what's really annoying? When I was on the train, there was a dyad of mother and son, about 5 or 6 yrs? And they had a laptop with them and they were watching a movie, on the laptop. I mean, their laptop can be not plugged in while playing a dvd on a train for longer that an hour while I have this crappy laptop which is too heavy, turns itself off because it gets too hot becuase it doen't ventalate well, and doen't even last a half hour without being plugged in even when just with microsoft word open! Crappy crappy cruddy laptop! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Right, ranting over! Whistling down the lane...