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Rent Remixed

Hmmm... I'm slightly speechless... so much changed from the original that I'm not sure it should be within the same franchise. The changes... Angel. Angel is not Angel anymore, he's not dressing like a female, and he is not sweet (not that I saw), he's kinda like the arrogant kid at school, and that's the unlikeable kind as opposed to the arrogant likeable ones. I find myself strangely happy that I don't have to look at him anymore when he died. And his dying! OMG! That has gotta be the strangest scene ever!
Mark. Mark was way too cool to be that character, tall, muscles, and sings opera. I mean, he was very cute, very good singing, but ultimately miscast as Mark.

Favourite thing: 
- Tango Maureen. Great dancing. And I found that the best couple with the most chemistry was Mark and Joanne in Tango Maureen, none of the others could really compare. Plus they could dance. 
- And La Vie Boheme beginning, with Mark being all operatic, giving it more credit and link back to the opera La Boheme.

Changes which I did not like: 
- Angel. That's all I can say.
- The stage. So blindly minimalistic and the phrase mise-en-scene was obviously not known to who ever designed it. 
- The song changes, which was moved so much that I'm sure if I didn't already know the story, I would not have understood properly what was happening.
- Out Tonight. Slow and not rockish at all... supposed to be burlesque-y but not really happening either. So pointless... plus the actress wasn't that great as a singer, actor or a dancer.

more later.