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Jun. 20th, 2008

I'm re-watching Grey's Anatomy again from the very beginning. It seems such a long time since I've done that, and quite frankly, I just miss the good ol' days (it seems) when it was mainly fun, and somehow cheerful even when the storylines or the characters weren't very happy, they seem so much easier to watch, and the eppys these days are much more dark and twisty in comparison, not that it's not great, but sometimes happy things are needed at least once in a while instead of sad sad sadness for long periods of time... But yay! (I'm acting so like a manic depressive these days) It should be happier soon and sometimes (which is often), I'll remember the finale and how happy things are and will be as promised by Shonda next season with MerDer together for sure and it's fast approaching... ah... the smile I get on my face scares people I think.... lol

I had something else I wanted to say... but as per usual, got distracted by Grey's... no suprise there then.

p.s. will do a little picspam later of my fav scenes fromt the eppy, once I figured out how to do it first.