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Grey's Anatomy fanfic links

So... it's really sort of late to write a meta or anything for the episode shown on Thursday, but it was so good and I just have to ramble about it and as I can't really really ramble to anyone about this. I'll just type in a very random and most people can ignore sort of way. Ohhhhhh, spoilers for season 3 btw, so really, if you are so bored you decided to read this, and you watch Greys Anatomy and haven't watched it yet and don't want to be spoilt, do not, I repeat, do not, read on.



I'm still sort of an intern like thing in photoshop of creating any sort of fanart, but I'm trying my best and are having so much fun!

Anywho, here's a relatively large post of most of the stuff I have done over the summer, a mixed bag of most of my favourite shows: 

Rent:                          4
Greys Anatomy:     26
Stargate SG-1:       11
Stargate Atlantis:   11

They do contain SPOILERS for anything that has been aired somewhere, so that's spoilers for Greys Anatomy season 2, SG-1 Season 10 so far, SGA season 3 so far. So beware, as well as the fact that most have been probably done to death.

A small sample: 

Do whatever you want, I don't mind, comment, not, ignore, like... enjoy! And have a good day!... or night!

This is my 1st ever wallpaper or anything from photoshop ever!

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